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Whitby Seafoods Ltd

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The Client: Whitby Seafoods Ltd

Whitby Seafoods Ltd is an award-winning, privately owned, family business established in Whitby in 1985, with processing sites in Kilkeel in Northern Ireland and Whitby, North Yorkshire. Whitby Seafoods Ltd now employs over 350 people across these two sites and produce around 8000 tonnes of seafood per annum.

Their flagship product Whitby Scampi is a famous dish in pubs and restaurants and kitchen tables throughout the land.

The Service Package: Bi-annual assessment based contract

A Packaging Automation customer since 2015 when they installed a rotary style semi-automatic PA182MKIII and then an ECR machine, followed by the Revolution fully automatic high speed tray sealer in 2017, the service package was the logical next step to protect their investment for the longer term.

Following an initial assessment, the Service Contract was agreed with services taking place every 6 months.

The Result: Limited remedial work & no downtime

Having a service contract in place has meant that the Whitby Seafood Ltd Packaging Automation machines are regularly checked and serviced, allowing the team to assess and then identify and remedy any potential problems before they even occur.

There has been only limited remedial work required in the last two years and no breakdowns at all.

Chris Dickinson, Engineering Operation Manager at Whitby Seafoods Ltd, said “having a service contract with Packaging Automation Ltd gives excellent peace of mind that the machine will run safely and faultlessly between servicing.

This ensures our staff and customers are safe and reduces downtime, which allows us to run with greater efficiency and ensure our product gets to our customers on time, every time.”


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