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Pot Filling & Closing Range

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This range of rotary pot filling and closing machines is designed to offer flexibility with a variety of filling and closing options. Supplied with the capability to seal pre-cut lids or reel fed film with clip on overcaps or a range of tamper evident closures. Integration with a wide range of fillers is offered as standard giving an extremely versatile solution. These machines are designed to handle pre-formed pots, jars and bottles.


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55 PPM

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The FP8 is a compact rotary filling and closing machine.  Whilst fully automatic in its operation this is a simple and flexible machine to use.  It can seal a pre-cut or reel fed lid to a pre-formed pot with production speeds of up to 55 pots per minute, depending on the product consistency and fill volume.  Product changeovers are quick and easy due to light, simple to change table quadrants and pre-set recipes in the HMI screen.

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FP8 front dimensions with measurements.p
FP8 side dimensions with

Electrical Supply

32A 415V 3 Phase N+E

16A max/phase 50/60Hz

Pneumatic Supply

10cfm 80psi (5.5bar)



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FP8 Features

Machine Features.

  • Simple fully automatic operation.

  • Multi positional operator friendly touch screen provides real time machine status, self diagnostics and operator prompts.

  • A very robust structure and component design means greater reliability and reduced downtime.

  • Automatic container dispenser.

  • Servo controlled volumetric piston filler.

  • Automatic pot lift for controlled product fills.

  • Stainless steel 55 litre machine mounted product tank.

  • No container no fill detection sensor.

  • Automatic pre-cut lid pick and place.

  • Pre-cut lid, foil and plastic sealing.

  • High accuracy indexing rotary table.

  • Digital temperature control ensures that an accurate temperature is maintained.

  • Pre-set accurate recipe based program.

  • Hygienic, wash down construction to food industry standards.

  • Automatic container swipe eject for downstream integration.

  • Stainless steel modular eject conveyor.

  • Sale, lease purchase and rental options tailored to suit all requirements.

Change parts.

  • Lightweight change parts can be changed over in minutes.

  • Tool free change part changes.

  • Precision change parts produce an accurate cut.

  • All round contoured film cut with a profiled peel tab if required.

  • Fully earthed change parts for additional safety.


  • The FP8 has the ability to heat seal reel fed film, pre-cut foil, paper or laminate lids to preformed trays and containers of CPET, Polypropylene, PVC, Styrene, Board, Smooth walled foil, pre-cut board, Paper, Plastic, and many other types of container.


  • Reel stock film feed with automatic rewind film waste system.

  • Print registered film.

  • An extremely simple film feed path enables fast film reel changes with no tools required.

  • FSP (Film Snap Protection).

  • CIP (Clean In Place) process options.

  • MAP-F (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

  • Automatic over cap applier.

  • Pre-fill stations for layered products.

  • Product tank agitation.

  • Date coder integration ready.

  • Double skinned tanks for hot products.

  • Tank temperature probe for accurate product temperatures.

  • Tank level probe for automatic fill.

  • Hot product fill nozzle and piston parts.

  • Interchangeable nozzle types.

  • Closed loop weight control system linked to on;ine check-weigher for automatic fill volume adjustment.

  • Stainless steel laser cut guards.

  • Rotary accumulation table.

  • Can be integrated with additional dry product filling equipment.

  • Industrial remote access solution for remote diagnostics and program updates.

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