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Manual Range

PA 210

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Packaging Automation recognise the needs of small businesses who may be thinking about changing to tray sealing their products for the first time, our entry level machines are ideal for new product development, samples, or full production requirements. We know there are a lot of decisions to make and offer help and support to you get started including machine hire offers, free use of our test and development kitchen, free trials facility, advice on choosing the packaging materials, and much more.

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A compact, bench mounted hand operated machine that is ideal for new product development trials or low volume production.  It can be used to seal reel fed film or pre-cut lids to pre-formed trays.  The 210 has a maximum output of 6 cycles per minute.  Compressed air and electric supply is required for this machine.


Electrical Supply

13A 240V 1 phase 8A

max/phase 50/60Hz

Pneumatic Supply

7cfm at 80psi