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The high speed fully automatic single and twin lane Revolution range uses proven, patented, motion control technology to maximise output. These energy efficient machines incorporate POWERDRIVE technology eliminating the need for compressed air and are designed with energy saving components and standby mode to minimise energy usage during operation. Novel technology provides quiet machine operation, on screen clear visual performance indicators and web based live OEE production data.


Revolution M

125 PPM

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Electrical Supply

32A 415V 3 Phase N+E

20A max/phase 50/60Hz

Pneumatic Supply



Revolution M Features

Fully Automatic Range - High Speed


Machine Features.

  • Operation from both sides.

  • POWERDRIVE - fully electric zero air.

  • Operator friendly touch screen provides machine status, self diagnostics and operator prompts.

  • Pre-set accurate recipe based temperature control.

  • High accuracy servo driven film feed system with easy to follow film path.

  • PCP (Pack Crush Protection).

  • FSP (Film Snap Protection).

  • Hygienic, robust construction to food industry standards.

  • Quick and easy to remove infeed and outfeed flat PU belt conveyors for added hygiene.

  • Film as thin as 17 um can be used to reduce packaging waste.

  • Fully portable, caster mounted.

  • Manually adjustable self-centring infeed tray guides are adjusted using a reversed leadscrew and visual dial to manage the position which can be recorded for future use.  An automatic servo option is also available.

  • Auto adjusting film tension system manages the film tension in relation to the amount of film on the reel.  The tension system automatically adjusts the tension setting when the reel reduces in diameter and is set up through the stored recipe.

Tooling Features.

  • Removable tooling impressions allow for continuous operation of the machine.

  • Two minute tool changeover with quick release tools.

  • Lightweight tooling for manual loading.

  • Inbuilt TDS (Tool Docking System) aligns electrical and gas connectors.

  •  Adjustable transfer arm heights cater for any depth of tray.

  • Quick release cutting blades.

  • Waterproof heater mats reduce failures during cleaning and reduce heat up times by up to 36%.


  • The Revolution M has the ability to heat seal reel fed film, pre-cut foil, paper or laminate lids to preformed trays and containers of CPET, Polypropylene, PVC, Styrene, Board, Smooth walled foil, pre-cut board, Paper, Plastic, and many other types of container.


  • MAP-F (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

  • MAP-V (Vacuum Gas Flushing)


  • Industrial remote access solution for remote diagnostics and program updates.

  • Eco-Cut - reducing film waste.

  • Foil crimping.

  • Inside cut for neater pack presentation.

  • Pre-Printed or Pre-Punched registered film.

  • Through conveyor.

  • Date coder integration ready.

  • Data capture solutions available.

  • SQL datalogger

  • RFID fob access restricts operator access to certain levels with the machine screen to prevent unauthorised changes to the functions of the machine.

The Revolution M is a fully electric automatic tray sealer using motion control technology to provide high speed output with quick tool changes and a compact space saving design. This is the smallest machine in the Revolution range.  Incorporating POWERDRIVE technology, there is no requirement for a compressed air supply. It can be used to seal reel fed film to pre-formed trays and can be configured to use MAP-F gas flushing, full MAP-V vacuum and SkinPAC for extended shelf life.  Dependent on the tray size it can seal up to five packs at a time giving a maximum output of 125 packs per minute. Electric supply only is required for this machine.

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