Ultra high speed sealing for soft fruit

PA is well known for quality machines and service. The new eclipse range of tray sealing machines has been developed with this in mind to set new standards for reliability, ruggedness and return on investment in almost any food manufacturing environment. In providing the speed of throughput and environmental credentials required by food manufacturers as well as the higher return on floor space demanded, eclipse machines can guarantee long term value coupled with the flexibility to handle the full variety of packaging formats and materials used in the soft fruit sector.

The high throughput SL6 tray sealer is capable of sealing up to 100 packs per minute and has provided Ripe Now with increased capacity to satisfy growing demand for heat sealed punnets of strawberries supplied to a well known retailer. Neil Gott Operations Manager said “The machine delivers the required volume and is space friendly; we are able to achieve our targets daily and efficiently. We have used PA before and have always been more than happy with the service they provide”.

All eclipse machines incorporate the Eco-CutTM option and are capable of running film as thin as 17 micron. Film usage is therefore reduced by an impressive 20 percent while the instant response and accurate synchronisation of the servo-driven film feed system leads to fewer film breakages caused by air pressure variations.