PA exhibit at Foodex 2016

Stand E269

At Foodex 2016 Packaging Automation will be exhibiting a full range of completely electric flexible tray sealers designed to seal film, foil or board lids to plastic, foil or board trays. The machines on show cater to the needs of all food producers from the artisan to the multi-national with production speeds from 15 packs per minute to 200 packs per minute.

This range enables food producers to demonstrate a real commitment to environmental issues, while delivering tangible improvements to the bottom line. All of the machines on show have ultra low energy requirements due to the removal of pneumatic components therefore eliminating 90% of the running costs when compared to conventional pneumatic tray sealers. However, the seal force delivered provides improved seal quality compared to that achieved with a pneumatic seal cylinder due to the technology used.

At the top end of the range, is PA’s Revolution that offers the highest throughput in flexible tray sealing in the market at 200 packs per minute single lane. Demonstrating PA’s pedigree in innovation, the machine has been designed to use novel technology that has until now never been used in the tray sealing industry.

PA will also be demonstrating its capabilities in vacuum skin packing which is now offered across the full range of equipment. This revolutionary pack format is gaining popularity in the meat, poultry and fish sectors. The SkinPAC system of sealing uses a highly transparent barrier film that wraps tightly around the product like a second skin and forms a seal with the bottom of the preformed tray. This pack format offers high visibility vacuum packs aimed at improving shelf life, better product quality and packaging reduction with the use of a shallower tray than would otherwise be possible.

SkinPAC offers enhanced product protection enabling the product to stay fresher for longer, excellent attractive on shelf presentation enabling the product to be clearly seen and packs can be placed upright to maximise shelf space. The tight seal ensures retention of product fluids eliminating leakage.

PA offer the fastest tray skin cycle at 10 cycles per minute and with speeds up to 80 packs per minute - the fastest in the industry.

Also on prominent display will be a machine from the pot filling and sealing range – the FP8. This high spec model incorporates an advanced control system with programmable recipe control, self-diagnostics, and real time adjustment of all operating parameters including fill weights, seal time and film feed. It is ideal for producers who want higher production speeds and the option of gas flushing for MAP packaging.

Its design and advanced control features - including a multi-positional touch screen storing up to 50 recipe programs - ensure increased productivity and reduced downtime. It can be used for an extensive range of products including drinks, cream, yoghurts, sauces, dips, soups and liquid desserts. And such is its versatility, the FP8 can also be used for dry products such as nuts, cereal and confectionery.

Hygiene standards and ease of cleaning are key in the design of the FP8 – the stainless steel machine bed and open layout make it easy to reach all areas for cleaning, and any potential bug traps have been designed out.

Packaging Automation Ltd was established in 1963 and is a leading UK manufacturer of tray sealing and pot filling and sealing machinery.
PA can offer customers a tray sealer or pot filler for a wide range of applications in the food industry including fresh produce packing such as salad, tomato, strawberry and soft fruit packing, fish, seafood, meat and chicken packing (including vacuum packing and skin packing), ready meal sealing and packing, and pot or tub denesting, filling and sealing for puddings and sauces.
Full packing lines can be specified and installed to include tray denesting, conveyoring, tray filling, film sealing including modified atmosphere packing (MAP) facilities. Foil tray sealing as well as plastic tray sealing can be accommodated on all machines as standard.
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