PA help keep costs down at grapes supplier Karsten

Due to a supermarket packaging change, Karsten UK were looking for a reliable high speed heat sealing machine which provided great efficiencies. Having already sourced their pre-printed film and to avoid any redesigns and additional costs PA accommodated Karsten's existing film and designed the new tool around the existing film format.

The Karsten Group supplies a range of the best seedless table grape varieties available in the world to the UK’s major retailers. Karsten UK was established in 2005 as the distribution service provider of The Karsten Group in the United Kingdom and Europe

Karsten purchased a twin lane eclipse TL6 heat sealing machine; a high throughput machine capable of sealing up to 200 packs per minute.

The introduction of the tray sealing machine has allowed Karsten UK to upgrade their packaging from flow wrapping to heat sealed punnets providing them with cost and environmental benefits combined with greater efficiency and minimum downtime. The new line gives them a consistent seal on all packs and Karsten produce over 140 packs per minute consistently in production.

Karsten are now benefiting from PA’s unique pod tooling system, reducing unplanned downtime by up to 90%. The ingenious top tool comprises of a host plate and a series of single impression removable cartridges to enable continued operation during repairs, routine maintenance and breakdowns.

To save on critical production downtime, tool changeovers on the eclipse TL6 can be done manually in less than two minutes as a result of an inbuilt tool loading system. Tool warm ups are 36% quicker as a result of using silicone coated heater mats. The quick release cutting blades on the tools allow for replacements to be changed in seconds and spare cartridges can be supplied to enable full capacity operation at all times at minimal business investment costs.

The TL6 HMI and interface is easy to operate with user-friendly controls and a display that provides clear reporting to the operator and an inbuilt manual function. Different languages are also available through a simple selection for various operator nationalities.

The machine has its own modem allowing the PA systems team to dial in to support Karsten at any given time 24/7.

Bernie Niehaus Packaging and Equipment Manager from Karsten UK commented:
Choosing PA was an easy decision, we had to make our film work, and so with the help of the PA team we settled on the TL6 as they could design the tool to fit our film. The machine is very easy to use and PA went out of their way to get us the setup we needed to make it simple. PA are always there when you need them. I would without doubt recommend PA to anyone looking to tray seal.


Packaging Automation Ltd was established in 1963 and is a leading UK manufacturer of tray sealing and pot filling and sealing machinery.
PA can offer customers a tray sealer or pot filler for a wide range of applications in the food industry including fresh produce packing such as salad, tomato, strawberry and soft fruit packing, fish, seafood, meat and chicken packing (including vacuum packing and skin packing), ready meal sealing and packing, and pot or tub denesting, filling and sealing for puddings and sauces.
Full packing lines can be specified and installed to include tray denesting, conveyoring, tray filling, film sealing including modified atmosphere packing (MAP) facilities. Foil tray sealing as well as plastic tray sealing can be accommodated on all machines as standard.
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