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Nick Purcell

Hi, I'm Nick Purcell.

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I've worked at PA now for almost 15 years, most of it as an Electrical Engineer.  Recently though my role has changed to 'Digital Design Engineer'... a role I have created through a desire to change the way we do things.  Many hours of work at home, and a lot of 'gentle' persuading aimed at my bosses has resulting in me doing something I have a real passion for, something a rarely switch off from.

Amongst many things, I look into new technology that PA and our customers can benefit from.  This website being an example.  I have also created our first Virtual Reality Suite.  If you're around in Knutsford any time just drop in and experience it for yourself.

Anyway have a look around the site and see if we can help you, even if its help in setting up a Virtual Reality room at your business, i'm more than happy to guide you.


Any feedback regarding the site is greatly appreciated, good or bad.  Want to see something that isn't here, let me know.  Don't like something, let me know, its the only way to keep improving. 

Below are some ways to get in touch with me...

Contact me anytime, I'm happy to help with anything you need

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