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Reducing plastic packaging and improving outputs in the fish and seafood sector

From source to plate, PA’s revolutionary SkinPac range are the fastest and most energy efficient machines on the market and help keep fish products fresh and protected with outstanding product presentation offering an attractive environmentally friendly packaging solution.


The SkinPac system of sealing uses a highly transparent barrier film that wraps tightly around the product like a second skin and forms a seal with the bottom of the tray

Smoked Salmon 20x15.jpg

This pack format offers high visibility vacuum packs without the need to add gas to the pack. SkinPAC can be used to achieve extended shelf life or to enhance the taste or colour of the product.   It can also result in plastic packaging reduction with the use of a shallower tray than would otherwise be possible or a flat board.

Benefits of SkinPac include

  • Extended shelf life

  • Enhanced  taste & colour of the product

  • Easy to display

  • Protect delicate product from damage

  • Perfect for all irregular shapes and sizes

  • Improved product appearance

  • High product visibility

With vast experience of handling many types of food packaging and an impressive network of packaging suppliers, our Seal Technologist can guide you through the development of new packaging concepts and carry out trials in our fully equipped test facility.

Customer testimonials 


Chris Dickinson, Engineering Operation Manager at Whitby Seafoods Ltd, said “Having a service contract with Packaging Automation Ltd gives excellent peace of mind that the machine will run safely and faultlessly between servicing.

This ensures our Staff and Customers are safe and reduces downtime, which allows us to run with greater efficiency and ensure our product gets to our customers on time, everytime.”

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As a business we needed to improve our packs per minute on our skin packed products and top sealing lines. After speaking with PA and Matt Delaney, the SL4 was the perfect machine for us, our production has now quadrupled, and we have never looked back.

We cannot fault anything about the machine or the company, the after-care package and servicing of the machine is second to none. We can call them for assistance and within hours someone will attend site. A first-class service all round. Rick Sargent Factory Manager

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