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The remarkable next generation REV machine range not only delivers exceptional speed but also features full automation, complete electrification, and, powered by our patented PowerDrive technology, operates without the need for any compressed air.

The REV machines are the fastest, most energy efficient and flexible single lane tray sealers incorporating our latest technology.  Using our proven syncroflex control and now syncroflexPro; we can ensure a continuous flow of trays through the machinefrom infeed to outfeed, eliminating any need for pausing or buffering so maintaining full pack stability at maximum speed.  Combined with our new intelligent syncroflexPro the adaptive speed control manages all moving parameters automatically incresing the machine speed to the rate of the packs being fed.  Meaning the operator does not even have to align machine settings to maximise the output.

• Fully electric operation, with zero compressed air

• Small footprint machine design in single lane format

• Improved access and visability

• Ultimate tray control with syncroflex and syncroflexPRO

• Adaptive film feed system

• Inbuilt Tool Docking System (TDS and BTDS)

• Improved hygienic design and construction, with clean mode functions

• Quick release cantilevered conveyors

• Pack Crush Protection system (PCP)

• Toolless open access design for hygiene and maintenance

• Option for MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging)

• Coder integration ready

• Energy saving - PowerDrive

• Enhanced seal integrity - MAGPAL

• Dynamic adaptability to keep up as your business changes -

   'Flip it' capability

• Industry 4.0 ready

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