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Optimum Efficiency and Throughput for At Home Dining Experience

During the global pandemic this client and his team developed an at home dining experience, which first launched in April 2020 during lockdown, giving customers the chance to recreate restaurant dishes at home.

The at home dining experience has been a such a success, they decided to bring the concept back even bigger than ever. Now delivering U.K. wide, they are exploring 12 new cities and preparing 12 exciting menus, each lasting for a month offering a home dining experience rich in culture and filled with explosive flavours.

The Challenge: New Product Development

The client had developed the concept when they first arrived at PA, they just had to work out how to package it for freshness and in an aesthetically pleasing way.

New to tray sealing and in the process of setting up a new factory site for this new product, the client was looking for a solution that would provide them with a more environmentally friendly packaging option. They were keen to steer clear of plastic but naturally wanted to maintain strong product presentation.

Following extensive sealing trials in the PA Test Kitchen, TeamPA in conjunction with the client’s team were able to find the best seal solution to not only seal in freshness but also to maintain the quality presentation synonymous with the clients brand.

Halopack, the fully gas-tight cardboard MAP tray, delivered on 3 levels: optimum shelf life and freshness, environmental performance and product presentation.

The machines, a SL2 inline tray sealer and the Rotary 182 tray sealer ensure optimum efficiency and throughput and the client has continued to develop and expand and are already looking at bigger premises due to their continued success.


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