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Improving accuracy and speed and reducing giveaway in pizza production

From their factory site, this customer produces on average 1 million pizzas every week, made up of 50 different products. They produce for two major retailers.

In 2021 they added their first PA automated production line and seeing the benefit quickly added more lines.

They then approached PA looking for a solution to help them reduce giveaway and maintain consistency in pizza production using intelligent weighing technology.

#TeamPA supported to find the right solution by trialling several different systems as the existing make up conveyors are wider than standard. The PA design team visited site to survey before running onsite trials to ensure the proposed solution met site requirements.

The installed solution, the miweigh intelligent weighing system with its unique negative weigh scales design not only improves accuracy and speed of manual topping addition, but it also reduces repetitive strain injury as no twisting and turning is required.

The customer also reported that complaints were reduced to zero thanks to the miweigh scales.

The live production data provided by miweigh allows line leaders to ensure that maximum efficiency and minimum giveaway is being achieved and supports intervention during the production run. At the end of each production run detailed reports can be reviewed to understand total cost of production and giveaway.


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