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Revolutionising Tray Sealing; The latest innovation from Packaging Automation sets new standards in high speed tray sealing

Packaging Automation proudly presents the REV5, a groundbreaking addition to our next-generation REV machine range. Where innovation meets efficiency, the REV5 is not just a tray sealer; it's a paradigm shift in speed, energy efficiency, and complete automation, setting new standards in the packaging industry.

But the REV5 is not just about speed; it's about redefining the way tray sealing operates. Powered by our patented PowerDrive technology, this fully electric machine operates without the need for any compressed air. It's not only the fastest but also the most energy-efficient and flexible single-lane tray sealer, showcasing our latest technological advancements.

Unlock Efficiency and Performance: Launched at Fruit Logistica 2024, this cutting-edge innovation, the REV5 High-Speed Tray Sealer, is designed to revolutionise your packaging operations. At the core of its appeal, is unparalleled energy efficiency—say goodbye to compressed air as the REV5 utilises our patented POWERDRIVE System, saving 50% on energy usage it reduces environmental impact and makes significant cost savings for your business.

Navigating the REV5 is a breeze with its user-friendly interface, featuring an intuitive touch screen that simplifies operation and minimizes downtime by clearly presenting faults. The versatility of this tray sealer is a game-changer—it effortlessly accommodates both new and existing coders, providing unparalleled flexibility in your packaging processes. Plus, with no moving internal parts, reliability is guaranteed even in challenging environments.

Precision handling is a hallmark of the REV5, offering enhanced accuracy and simplified infeed setup. Experience a boost in productivity with increased cycle speeds and improved control, reducing errors and ensuring stable tray handling throughout the operation. The REV5's intelligent automation, including auto-adjustment and automatic speed matching, adapts seamlessly to maximize output while minimizing wear and tear.

Film handling is elevated to new heights with features like snap detection and end-of-reel detection, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Downtime is further minimized with built-in prevention mechanisms for tool misalignment. The sealing station boasts a 25% increased seal force, higher seal speed, and automatic tool setup for optimized results, enhancing overall speed and performance.

Efficiency extends to the tooling, where lighter and more efficient designs improve performance and durability. The REV5 ensures a streamlined production flow, reducing bottlenecks downstream and optimizing facility space with its compact design. The tray sealer's adjustable orientation simplifies use and reduces operator requirements, allowing one operator to seamlessly manage two machines simultaneously.

Reliability is a cornerstone of the REV5's design. With features like remote access for quick issue resolution, robust construction, and real-time performance tracking, your operations remain efficient and dependable. Elevate your packaging processes with the REV5 High-Speed Tray Sealer—where efficiency meets innovation for a new era in high-speed tray sealing.

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