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Introducing Jacob – Tool Design Apprentice at Packaging Automation

At Packaging Automation, we are proud to support and celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2024 #NAW2024 by highlighting the inspiring journey of one of our newest apprentices, Jacob Hampson. Embarking on his apprenticeship in September 2023 as a Tool Design Engineer, Jacob shares his motivations and experiences with us.


Choosing the Apprenticeship Path:  Jacob opted for the apprenticeship route driven by a desire for hands-on experience. Recognising that many of our management team had successfully followed this path and stayed with PA for over a decade, Jacob was inspired to join a company with a proven track record of nurturing talent.

Family Ties and Industry Insights:  With family experience in the food industry and with tray

sealers, Jacob felt a natural connection to PA's work. This familiarity with the industry added an extra layer of motivation for him to pursue a career in tool design within the company.


Learning on the Job:  For Jacob, the best part of his apprenticeship is the opportunity to learn on the job. He expresses a preference for this practical, hands-on approach over traditional classroom-based learning. The dynamic environment at PA has allowed him to apply theoretical knowledge directly to real-world situations.


Words of Wisdom: To those considering an apprenticeship, Jacob's advice is simple yet powerful: "Just do it!" Emphasizing the value of hands-on experience and the learning opportunities an apprenticeship provides, Jacob encourages others to take the plunge into this rewarding career path.


Life Beyond the Workshop:  Beyond his role as an apprentice, Jacob is a twin and a dedicated football enthusiast, holding a season ticket for Manchester United. In his spare time, he enjoys both playing and watching football and he shares a passion for fishing, rounding out his diverse set of interests.

The Engineering  Design Team is led by Tanya Westenraad, Engineering Design Manager who also started her career with Packaging Automation as an Apprentice in 2001, you can read Tanya’s Apprenticeship story here









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