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Supporting one of the world's largest catering facilities to produce 150,000 meals per day

This airline approached Packaging Automation in 2017 following a recommendation for an existing PA customer. They were looking to add the Airbus A380 to their existing fleet of planes and wanted to offer heat sealed food products.

PA worked closely with a tray and film supplier to assist on the design of the trays and films to ensure they met the customers’ requirements.

They were looking for a machine that could pack at approximate speeds of 42 ppm consistently with this in mind #TeamPA recommended the SL4 MAP-F equipment and filling conveyors.

The SL4 MAP-F allowed them to produce heat sealed meals for the new planes and gave them the ability to pack at 45 ppm with the added flexibility to pack other pack formats in the future.

It’s fair to say that this customer was very happy with the solution provided and have since placed additional orders for other machinery.


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