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The move to tray sealing mushrooms

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The popularity of mushrooms is certainly on the rise with a much wider variety of choice available and pulled mushroom rumoured to be in development stages to upstage the jackfruit!

The trend to eat less meat across Europe and choose a plant-based diet on health grounds has seen interest in mushrooms, as a good plant-based protein source and an ideal meat replacement, soar. As a low sodium, fat, and cholesterol free, nutrient rich food they are the perfect alternative for flexitarians and vegetarians.

The high demand for fresh mushrooms in Spain, the Netherlands, France, and Germany is expected to trigger market growth in the European region. In April 2021 we shipped an Eclipse SL4 tray sealer to our partner in the Netherlands, Het Packhuys, for one of their customers to tray seal mushrooms

As the sector continues to adapt to meet the increased demand by consumers as well as the hospitality sector, mushroom growers are beginning to follow the soft fruit sector and move to top seal away from pvc wrap.

This move to mono materials helps to not only reduce plastic use but also improves overall recyclability.

As with the soft fruit sector:strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes and tomatoes; packaging of mushrooms using a tray sealer can achieve higher outputs, improving overall efficiencies and productivity.The inclusion of PowerDrive Technology on Packaging Automation machines means that they also reduce overall energy consumption making them more environmentally friendly too!

We anticipate that this growing demand for mushrooms coupled with the desire to reduce plastic consumption will bring with it a move away from pvc wrap to tray sealing.

To discuss tray sealing your mushroom products contact our Test Kitchen to arrange some trials.


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