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A continual journey of development and growth.

The Client:

Our confectionary client is on a continual journey of development and growth, yet everything they do is still guided by their three basic founding values: Originality…Authenticity…Ethics

When you scratch the surface it’s clear to see that this company is a trailblazer having created the world’s first single-côte chocolate, developed their won chocolate genre, created their own vegan milk alternative and constantly embracing new technologies and ideas.

The Challenge: to produce a high quality chocolate advent calendar

It was no surprise to us when our client approached us looking for an option to help them produce a high-quality chocolate advent calendar and with a lot of experience in this sector we were happy to help and to share our experience of the challenges of foil seal! With our very own foil seal expert inhouse, Nick Brindley, and the services of our Test Kitchen Facility and Seal Technologist, Simon Wilson, ready to assist, we set about running some tests and trials to find the best solution for them.

The Solution: Eclipse R

The Eclipse R, fully electric semi-automatic, two station, rotary table tray sealer, provided a great solution – a bench mounted rotary table tray sealer on rental option gave the client a flexible option with the ability to budget too!

The Result: demand has grown

As demand has grown and as a business, they have developed other products packaged with heat sealing, the client now has a Rotary Line in house to manage all their tray sealing requirements.


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