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Comfort & Joy

Comfort & Joy, delivered by Jikoni, was a newly launched product of globally inspired veg with benefits, sending vibrant, vegetarian meal boxes to customers homes, with two different boxes each week, available hot or “Heat-at-Home” and a weekly subscription.

The Challenge: Business Diversification

As a direct result of the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, like many other hospitality businesses, Jikoni London were forced to temporarily close their doors. During this time, they looked for ways to ensure their customers could access the culinary delights but from their home – the idea of Comfort & Joy as born and ran throughout the pandemic.

The Solution: Bench mounted PA 217

New to heat sealing food, what Jikoni did know was that they wanted to ensure their product was presented in the style but still with the environment in mind. The product needed to arrive at customers’ homes still as fresh as possible.

A fully portable, hand operated tray sealing machine that is ideal for new product development samples or small scale production was the answer. The simple design of the tool and film reel holder facilitates quick and easy changes to tray size making packaging for Jikoni a straight-forward process.

The Result: Freshness and environmentally friendly packaging

With the use of the PA217 the brief was met: environmentally friendly packaging with board tray and compostable film lid; fresh product with extended shelf life.

Jikoni commented: "We greatly enjoyed working with Packaging Automation. Their attention to detail, knowledge, testing procedures and customer care before and after purchase enabled us to develop a compostable solution we could be proud of. They were an essential and ideal partner."


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