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PA 217

Packaging Automation recognise the needs of small businesses who may be thinking about changing to tray sealing their products for the first time.  Our entry level machines are ideal for new product development, samples, or full production requirements. We know there are a lot of decisions to make and offer help and support to you get started including machine hire offers, free use of our test and development kitchen, free trials facility, advice on choosing the packaging materials, and much more.

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Electrical Supply

13A 240V 1 phase 8A

max/phase 50/60Hz

Pneumatic Supply



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217 Features

Machine Features.

  • Simple, easy operation.

  • Bench mounted and portable.

  • High accuracy sealing process.

  • Hygienic, robust construction to food industry standards.

  • Digital temperature control ensures that an accurate temperature is maintained.

  • Digital timer indicates the end of the required seal time.

  • An extremely simple film feed path enables fast film changes with no tools required.

  • Built in eject mechanism to aid the removal of sealed packs.

  • Film reel holder can be operated from either side.

  • Adjustable seal force for better seal quality.

  • The machine is hand operated therefore compressed air is not required.

  • Machine can be plugged into a standard three pin household socket.

  • Sale, lease purchase and rental options tailored to suit all requirements.


  • Full all round sealing and cutting tool.

  • Basic trial sealing tool (without film cut) for sample purposes.

  • Can either be supplied as a 110V or 240V.

  • Deep tray/pot upgrade.

Tooling Features.

  • Lightweight tooling can be changed over in less than 2 minutes.

  • Can seal upto 2 impression.

  • All round contoured film cut with a profiled peel tab if required.


  • The PA 217 has the ability to heat seal reel fed film, pre-cut foil, paper or laminate lids to preformed trays and containers of CPET, Polypropylene, PVC, Styrene, Board, Smooth walled foil, pre-cut board, Paper, Plastic, and many other types of container.

Manual Range

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A fully portable, hand operated tray sealing machine that is ideal for new product development samples or small scale production. The simple design of the tool and film reel holder facilitates quick and easy changes to tray sizes.  The PA217 has been designed to deliver the same seal force as the larger machines to guarantee reliability of seals.

PA 217
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