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Our range of machines is designed to suit a wide range of production speeds and levels of automation from low volume manually operated, to fully automatic high speed with mid-range models in between.

The tray sealing machines are designed to be flexible with quick change tooling to enable different pack sizes to be sealed and these can stand alone or be integrated into an existing or new production line.  The pot filling and closing machines are more suited to complex, fully automated applications with integrated tray denesting, filling, sealing and over capping stations.  These are designed to facilitate a wide range of filling options from dry through to wet fill and a variety of closures including heat sealable reel fed film or pre-cut lids and over caps or tamper evident lids.


Manual Tray Sealing Machines


Semi Automatic Tray Sealing Machines


Fully Automatic Tray Sealing Machines

High Speed Fully Automatic Tray Sealing Machines


Pot Filling & Closing Machines

Pot Filling & Closing Machines