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Fix your maintenance costs monthly

When investing in new machinery or production lines your business can control and account for all maintenance costs on a long-term, fixed basis. This can be seen as a welcome introduction in today’s market with interest rates set to increase and inflation on the increase. However, by reducing variability in your maintenance budget, you can allocate funds without fear of overruns in maintenance or shortfalls elsewhere.

Packaging Automation and Reality Finance offer a maintenance agreement whereby you purchase your equipment and pay monthly for a comprehensive service contract. You will have a repayment amount over a period of 3 or 5 years which is a fixed monthly cost. This then gives your business a better chance of building a robust contingency budget for either a rainy day (or to put back into your profit margin).

When investing in new production lines there are other costs that can be part of a fixed monthly plan, not just maintenance. These can include commissioning, training, and delivery.

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