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Fresh produce grower and packer

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The Client: Fresh produce grower and packer

The Challenge: Faster, more efficient tray sealing machine

This customer contacted Crawford Packaging, our partner in USA, Canada and Mexico, looking for a complete tray seal packaging solution that would allow them to improve their current packaging operation but with limited experience with tray lidding equipment or processes, they required a complete turn-key packaging solution.

The solution was a tray seal machine to not only reduce their packaging material consumption but also offer their customers a popular, eco-friendly package.

Eclipse SL4 Top Sealer was installed in the client’s facility for an established test period. This allowed the client to work with the machine and assess the fit in their produce packaging operation.

The Result: Improved efficiency & 25% reduction in packaging

This packaging solution helped the client transition seamlessly to a new packaging system. The efficient Eclipse SL4 has helped the client improve energy efficiency and reduce packaging up to 25% by eliminating the unused space commonly found in traditional clam shell packaging. The client has subsequently been able to increase shipping volumes which has improved shipping efficiency with more punnets shipped per load.

Click here to read the full case study

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