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Preserving Excellence: Boddingtons Enduring Partnership with Packaging Automation and the Timeless FP6 Potfiller

In the heart of Cornwall, Boddingtons, formerly known as Boddingtons Berries, has been synonymous with quality products for over seven decades. From their humble beginnings as strawberry growers, the company has evolved into crafting fine preserves by hand at their family farm in Mevagissey. With a rich history of delivering premium products, and to meet the demands of their growing business while maintaining their commitment to quality, they sought a packaging solution that would enhance efficiency without compromising on reliability. Enter Packaging Automation, a trusted partner in the industry.


The Challenge:  With an increasing demand for their products, Boddingtons faced the challenge of scaling up production while maintaining the artisanal quality that sets them apart. They needed a solution that could elevate their throughput without sacrificing the craftsmanship and attention to detail that their customers have come to expect.

The Solution Packaging Automation stepped in with a recommendation tailored to meet  Boddingtons' specific needs: the FP6 pot filler. This fully automatic yet simple and flexible solution proved to be the perfect fit for Boddingtons' requirements. Capable of sealing pre-cut or reel-fed lids to preformed pots at speeds of up to 55 pots per minute, the FP6 offered the ideal balance of efficiency and precision.

The Result: Boddingtons' investment in the FP6 has yielded impressive results. The machine's reliability has been a key factor in maintaining uninterrupted production, even during peak periods. Its speed and efficiency have significantly increased throughput, allowing Boddingtons to meet growing demand without compromising on quality. Furthermore, the quick and easy changeover feature of the FP6 has streamlined operations, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

A Packaging Automation customer for over 15 years, Boddingtons has not felt the need to replace the FP6. Instead, they have opted for regular servicing and refurbishments, a testament to the machine's durability and the enduring partnership between Boddingtons and Packaging Automation. This commitment to sustainability and longevity underscores the value of Packaging Automation's solutions in supporting Boddingtons' growth and success over the years.

Will Boddington commented: “It’s over 15 years since the initial installation of the FP6 pot filler, and despite the rigours of daily production, the machine remains robust and reliable. With the support of Packaging Automation, we have actively chosen to invest in service and refurbishment and thank them for helping us maintain our reputation for quality and consistency in the industry.”


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