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Reducing plastic packaging by 50% in the soft fruit and fresh produce sector

As a respected British manufacturer of packaging machinery with 60 years specialist knowledge of tray heat sealing technology and factory automation, Packaging Automation have an enviable database of packaging suppliers and are happy to recommend the best option to customers but it’s not only customers who benefit from the Test Kitchen, packaging suppliers do too.

So, when the Bachmann Group approached Packaging Automation about NETPAC, a ground-breaking packaging innovation that offers great savings potential in various application areas, we were keen to put them to the test!

Bachman group claimed that with its air flow, the 3D mesh structure offers a high permeability, especially for fresh fruits, lettuce and vegetables. They also suggested that the 3D dimensional stability, in combination with the net structure offers an opportunity which is unique in the market.

We asked our Seal Technologist, Simon Wilson to put this new packaging to the test in our Trial Facility and we were not

disappointed, here’s what Simon had to say about this new Netpac mesh tray : “With a substantial database of packaging suppliers it’s imperative that prior to making a recommendation to our customers we are confident that the product performs well on our machines and gives the customer the best results for their product and I was pleasantly surprised by this new packaging option. We tested the seal, the weld and the peel on this mesh tray and it performed really well. We’re confident that this is a great new option for our customers and its food safe, fully recyclable and uses 50% less plastic too!”

Andre Oehen Head of Sales at BACHMANN PLANTEC Ag commented: "Thank you Packaging Automation and in particular Simon and the Trial Facility Team for all your support. What a fabulous facility and a great service for packaging supplier like us. It’s so beneficial to be able to run rigorous tests and prove concepts. We’re delighted that our new Netpac mesh tray performs perfectly on Packaging Automation tray sealers and can help their customer reduce their plastic use!”


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