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Helping customers reduce their costs and improve their outputs.

This customer is one of Britain’s leading chilled food manufacturers. Making a huge range of sandwich fillings, dips, vegetable and fish pates, mayonnaise and egg product which they supply to retailers, food service outlets and to other food manufacturers.

The Challenge: New product development

As an existing PA customer, the client naturally turned to #TeamPA for support and guidance on packaging a new product in their new facility.

Looking for a high speed dip line for their range of chilled dips: houmous, guacamole and sour crème and #TeamPA were ready to help!

Taken aback but not phased when the clients team turned up at the Test Kitchen with avocados and all the ingredients to make guacamole – Simon and the team sprang into action. Just like with apples, bananas, and potatoes, the flesh of an avocado browns when it's exposed to oxygen in the air, so we ran lots of trials in the test kitchen to ensure the product didn’t discolour and retained maximum freshness and visual appeal once packed.

The Solution: Eclipse 240

Following trials with various machines it was the high speed Eclipse 240 with over-capper that was the best fit for this customer, providing a linear conveyor, tray sealing system capable of de-nesting, filling, pre-cut lid sealing and over-capping up to 200 packs per minute.

Providing complete flexibility this machine can be specified to be multi lane and any length to fully automate the entire process at high speed.

The Result: improved output and reduced costs

We were thrilled to support this customer find the best solution and help them reduce their costs and improve their outputs.

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