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Managing major pot modifications

A world leader in natural and health food, this customer has a consolidated presence in the production and innovation of fresh food products including fresh fruit, fresh juices, ice cream, soups and free-from yogurt.

With a packaging redesign and major pot modifications to their soup range, this customer reached out to #TeamPA to help them find the best solution.

They needed a machine that wouldn’t compromise throughput but would be able to feed, fill and apply a screw lid to the plastic pot.

The solution was the Starwheel which offers the ultimate in pot sealing and closing flexibility in either single or twin wheel configuration.

With production speeds of up to 100 containers per minute, the Starwheel can be integrated with an automatic screw capper or induction sealer as well as a wide range of fillers to give a fully versatile solution.

It was the perfect solution!

The pot size, packaging change and major modification request were easily met without compromising the throughput. The customer was thrilled.


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