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Increasing outputs from 40 packs per minute to 120 packs per minute!

This customer is an award-winning food manufacturing site based in Lancashire.

Established in 2004, they now mainly produce olive and antipasti products for the major UK supermarkets under their own brands.

The group has production sites across the famous food producing regions of Europe and are suppliers of high-quality foods to retail and foodservice.

As the #1 provider of pre- packed chilled olives and antipasta to the UK market, they pride themselves on sourcing and working in partnership with high quality growers and suppliers.

This customer first met Packaging Automation at the PPMA Show when they were looking for solutions to help them increase outputs from 40 packs per minute to 120 packs per minute using MAP technology!

After winning the tender #TeamPA took them to visit another customer’s site to see the Revolution high speed, fully automatic tray sealer in action.

Following the site visit #TeamPA ran multiple sealing trials and tests in the Trial Facility to ensure the required seal strength and residual gas mix could be achieved in the pack. This gave the customer confidence in the solution offered by PA.

Following the successful trials #TeamPA recommended the Revolution Twin Lane which was initially installed with Map-V technology and tools.

After a period of time in production, due to the number of SKUs and therefore number of pot sizes being used it soon became apparent that a solution to long tool changeovers was needed.

MAP-F technology which uses lighter, easier to change tools reduces tool changeover times and this was the solution that was needed. During the initial product trials in PA’s trial facility, it had been proven that MAP-F gas flushing could be used to achieve the results the customer needed.

PA facilitated the swap to MAP-F on the machine and tools and with this complete line solution installed the customer is now achieving the required 120 packs per minute.


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