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Introducing Frutmac – Packaging Automation’s Partner in Central Europe

Frutmac is a seasoned distributor with a 50-year legacy in providing comprehensive packaging solutions, specialises in trays, inserts, films, bags, and pouches.  They have solidified their position as a generalist for packaging in the fruit and vegetable sector with expertise that extends across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, making them a reliable partner for tray sealing.

As a system provider, Frutmac covers the entire value chain. From material development to packaging line planning and machine commissioning, they ensure a cohesive and efficient process. This holistic approach not only streamlines operations but also guarantees the end customer's desired outcomes.

Frutmac recently fused their expertise with Packaging Automation's high-quality tray sealing machines, further demonstrating their commitment to delivering packaging solutions that not only meet but exceed end customer objectives.

Amid the growing demand for sustainable packaging, Frutmac introduced their latest innovation – ECOseal. This groundbreaking development when combined with the Packaging Automation tray sealing range, caters specifically to the packaging of small berries such as blueberries and raspberries. Traditionally, these delicate fruits are packed in sealable plastic trays. However, with an increasing emphasis on eco-friendly alternatives, Frutmac's ECOseal comes as a game-changer.

ECOseal presents a tray made of recyclable cardboard, sealed with a transparent film (fully printed). This sustainable solution not only aligns with environmental goals but also provides an aesthetically pleasing and informative packaging option. The transparency of the film allows customers to view the freshness of the berries while the cardboard ensures the packaging is fully recyclable.

Frutmac's dedication to innovation and sustainability, combined with their extensive experience in packaging solutions, makes them the ideal partner for companies looking to enhance their tray sealing processes. As the distributor for Packaging Automation in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, Frutmac stands at the forefront of delivering value-added solutions in the ever-evolving world of packaging. Explore the possibilities with Frutmac – where expertise meets innovation for a sustainable future.

For more information, visit Frutmac’s website here.


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