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LUNA & me

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The Client: LUNA and Me

LUNA and me are a family business based in Bridport and widely considered to be one of the UK’s best raw food makers of dog and cat food and pet treats.

The Challenge: New Product Development

LUNA and me first approached #TeamPA with the idea to produce and package dog burgers and patties in heat sealing packaging.

The PA Test Kitchen sprang into action to support this customer to develop, package and launch this exciting range of raw dog and cat food.

Making full use of the extensive database of different suppliers, packaging was selected, and trials were run to find the best possible solution.

The Solution: Eclipse 182 Sealer

Fast forward to 2020 and LUNA and Me have experienced such success and growth, they are now on their next PA Tray Sealer - the Eclipse 182 semi automatic tray sealer.

From the first introduction with tray sealers, LUNA and Me began with the PA 217 -a manual, fully portable, hand operated tray sealing machine that is ideal for new product development samples or small scale production but they quickly outgrew this and scaled up to an Eclipse 182. This semi-automatic, two station, rotary table tray sealer gave LUNA and me a low level of automation into the production environment.

The Result: Continued growth and business success

#TeamPA are delighted to have supported this business with their continued growth and success and hope to do so for many years to come.

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