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National Apprenticeships Week 2023 #NAW2023

Packaging Automation is committed to the recruitment of apprentices running an apprenticeship scheme which combines formal training, further education / professional qualifications and on-the-job training so that we develop skilled individuals who are equipped to meet the current and future need of the business.

The Apprenticeship scheme enables us to ‘grow’ our own talent and identify the individuals who will become our Team Leaders, Managers, Service Engineers, Sales Engineers and Project Engineers of the future.

As we celebrate National Apprenticeships Week 2023, we took some time to check in with our current Apprentices to understand their progress to date, here’s what they told us …

Libbie Bridle joined Packaging Automation as an IT Apprentice -- Level 3 IT Solutions Technician in October 2019.

Libbie told us “ I have now finished all external training for my Apprenticeship – this included external training sessions and workshops for around 18 months along with producing a portfolio full of evidence that I have completed within my role.

I have been exposed to new tasks and projects within PA which has really expanded my knowledge and increased my confidence. Due to this, I am gaining more independence and in turn, feel more able to complete requests around the business with little or no support from the rest of my department.

Currently, I am in the final stages of my Apprenticeship (end point assessment) and have exams and projects due to be taken at the end of next month.”

We asked Libbie what she has enjoyed the most?

“I have really enjoyed my apprenticeship at PA due to the constant learning opportunities coming into my role. No two days are the same and this is a great way to further my knowledge on IT skills, people skills and business skills. It’s been a really rewarding process.”

Sam Ashton, Commercial Director commented “Libbie, the pleasure is all ours, you are an asset to the team and a joy to work with.”

George Bexley, Electrical Engineer, joined Packaging Automation in September 2020.

Here’s what George had to say about his progress to date …

“I have completed my Btec Level 3 qualification and my NVQ Level 2. At the moment, I am on my HNC this will go on for 2 years with one day release to college. I have worked on a wide range of machines, with most of this I was working completely independently.”

For George there were a few things that he has really enjoyed including:

- Learning new useful skills to carry out my job.

- Seeing other areas of the workplace and how they operate compared to the shopfloor.

- Expanding my skills in areas that I might have struggled with originally, for example programming.

Isaiah Wood, Mechanical and Electrical Apprentice started with us in September 2021.

When we asked Isaiah about his progress to date he told us: “I’ve made good progress in the first year getting level 2 and settled into the factory. I have been getting experience in many areas of the factory having started college again to begin my level 3. The teachers seem pleased with me so far.“

What have you enjoyed the most?

“I have enjoyed being left to get on with my work, and not to be ‘babied’ and micromanaged. I have also enjoyed moving around departments, and projects which has been good for my experience and knowledge, as well as being good for my off the job training.”

To find out more about Apprenticeships at Packaging Automation click here

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