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Nurturing the next generation of business leaders

Committed to the recruitment of apprentices the Packaging Automation Apprenticeship Scheme combines formal training, further education / professional qualifications and on-the-job training so that we develop skilled individuals who are equipped to meet the current and future need of the business and our customers.

The apprenticeship scheme enables us to ‘grow’ our own talent and identify those individuals who will become our Team Leaders, Managers, Service Engineers, Sales Engineers and Project Engineers of the future. Some of our existing management team started their careers with Packaging Automation as apprentices.

With current global workforce shortages and knowledge gaps caused by the pandemic, it has never been more important to ensure we can continue to maintain our excellent service levels and are able to support our customers in the food sector and this certainly helps us do that.

Here are some of our current apprentices with Managing Director, Neil Ashton, receiving certificates in December 2021 for their academic achievements so far.

Neil commented: “We’ve been running our Apprenticeship Programme now for quite a number of years and to be honest, employing Apprentices just makes good business sense. We really feel that the apprentices are so important to our continued business success. They are often, but not always millennials and tend to bring with them a new injection of energy and creative ideas too.”

We will be recruiting our next cohort of apprentices again in 2022 but in the meantime, you can read some of our Apprentice Stories here

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