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Our partner in Poland - Milbor PMC

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Milbor PMC is a family-owned business, established by a family of growers from the fresh produce sector over 60 years ago. They work with premium machinery manufacturers in order to provide their customers with state-of-art solutions to their key challenges such as productivity improvement, shelf-life extension and reduction of product losses.

In 2015, MIlbor PMc were looking for a tray sealer provider due to increasing demand for tray sealers in Poland.

They had heard very good reports about the Packaging Automation tray sealers but as part of their due diligence `spent some time speaking to their customers who were already using Packaging Automation tray sealers. The references they received didn’t disappoint, they were confident that the Packaging Automation tray sealers were the best option for their customers.

Piotr Milewski, CEO at Milbor PMC commented: “PA offers a wide range of equipment with different capacities that stand out from the competition through the use of innovative systems and excellent quality. They make a great team that we are very happy to work with.”

He continued, “We are excited about PA’s R&D programme especially MiWeigh weigh scale systems and new high speed tray sealers such as the evolution S. We regularly participate in distributors’ meetings which are great place to share experience and knowledge about the packaging market.”

Neil Ashton, Managing Director, was keen to add: “We’re incredibly proud of our heritage but as a British manufacturer we rely on the support of our partners worldwide to extend our global reach and the team at Milbor PMC do a great job. They really know their onions, or should I say soft fruit, and are such a great team to work with. We’re proud to count them as part of our team.”


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