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Solving Print Lift Challenges in Board Packaging

Here at Packaging Automation, we appreciate the critical role that board packaging plays in captivating consumer attention through vibrant graphics and colours. However, one persistent challenge in sealing board packaging at elevated temperatures is the risk of print lift, which not only compromises the aesthetics of the package but also leads to ongoing sealing issues.

Recently, we collaborated with a customer facing this very issue in a new board project. The primary concern revolved around the potential lifting of print from the board material during the sealing process at higher temperatures. To address this challenge head-on, we partnered with a seal profile materials coating company to explore innovative solutions.

In the Packaging Automation Trial Facility, our dedicated team of experts embarked on a comprehensive trial, experimenting with different coating grades and thicknesses in collaboration with water-based untreated inks. The goal was to find a combination that would not only ensure successful sealing without print lift but also provide an additional benefit—a coating robust enough to withstand the rigorous demands of continual cleaning.

The results were transformative. Through meticulous testing and collaboration, we identified a coating solution that not only prevented print lift during sealing but also demonstrated remarkable durability, standing up to the challenges of constant cleaning. This success story underscores the invaluable expertise, knowledge, and resources available in the Packaging Automation Trial Facility.


Packaging Automation are committed to addressing industry challenges head-on. Dedication to innovation and problem-solving is in our DNA and our Trial Facility is a hub where industry issues are transformed into opportunities for advancement


But the Trial Facility isn't just a test kitchen; it's a free-of-charge resource that exemplifies our commitment to our customers. We invite businesses to leverage our expertise and facilities to overcome challenges, innovate, and ensure the success of their packaging projects.

At Packaging Automation Ltd, we don't just seal packages; we seal success.

Let us help you unlock the full potential of your packaging projects.


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