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Supporting Schools

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

St Matthews Church of England Primary School in Stretford, Manchester’s moto is “Let your light shine” but imagine how difficult that has been and indeed continues to be for the many children who are again faced with home schooling.

According to the Child Poverty Action Group who spoke to thousands of parents, carers and children during the first lockdown, the thing they heard most was that up to 40% of them did not only not have access to a laptop or the internet, but also to other things like printers, even stationery and craft materials," said Kate Anstey, a project lead at the charity.

So, when Packaging Automation MD Neil Ashton noticed, on Facebook, that a friend had shared an appeal for laptops from teachers at St Matthew’s CofE Primary School and Seymour Park Primary School, Old Trafford, Manchester, he felt compelled to help.

Neil commented: “ I just happened to notice this post on Facebook and as a father myself I appreciate how incredibly difficult it is for some families to home school whether that’s due to work commitments, lack of tech or broadband issues and really I just wanted to do something to help. The last 10 months have been so very difficult for everybody in many ways, so if this small gesture can make a difference to two families then that is great, but I would urge other companies and those who are in a more privileged position to help too, if they can.”

Gareth Worth from Packaging Automation with the two laptops to deliver to the schools.

If you want to help too, then contact your local schools who we are sure will be grateful for any help you can offer.

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