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Training with Tech!

At Packaging Automation we like to push boundaries and embrace new technology, we are always looking for ways to drive development and we’re delighted to report that are now working smarter with mixed reality to improve our training provision.

After a little bit of training and a lot of preparation, we’ve recently started using Microsoft Hololens2 to improve our training provision with our team and will soon be rolling this out to our customers too.

Nick Purcell, our Digital Design Engineer, has designed and launched an in-house training program for use with the assembly team on the factory floor.

Using the Microsoft Hololens2, #teamPA and our #apprentices can quickly learn complex tasks including how to consistently build machine assemblies to the highest standard – with or without previous experience.

With self-guided instructions, the user is presented with a media panel containing images and videos, part numbers and fixings required, a panel with written instructions, and a 3D model of each step.

Our new apprentices have really taken to the new technology and have found themselves building full assemblies independently.

This new approach ensures each assembly is built the same way everytime, removing the chance of having to dismantle assemblies mid build to correct mistakes. The trainee can work independently safe in the knowledge that all the information is presented to the user via the smart glasses.

Neil Ashton, Managing Director commented: “We’re thrilled with the results of this new technology and this really is just the beginning. The Hololens2 glasses have improved engagement from the users, improved the quality of the builds and improved the speed in which the assemblies are completed.

We’re confident that we can teach anyone maintenance procedures for all of our machines quickly and easily using this new technology.”


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