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Work hard, play hard

After an incredibly busy and challenging 18 months, Projects Manager, Jo Porter wanted the team to take some time out, reconnect and celebrate all they had achieved, so what better than a team building day; lunch and a little game of crazy golf!

The date was set for a trip to Manchester. Lunch was booked at Almost Famous and crazy golf scheduled at the Junk Yard.

Now, what you perhaps don’t know about the Projects Team is that they are a very competitive bunch so it was never going to be a ‘little’ game of crazy golf, this was serious, they all wanted to win. Granted some were more competitive than others but the challenge was set.

Odds were in favour of Greg or Pete taking away the Trophy but with crazy golf anything can happen…..

So after lunch at Almost Famous they headed off to the JunkYard. Let the games begin!

The entire team had a great afternoon at the crazy golf but there could only be one winner and not suprisingly it was Greg, well he does play golf in his spare time!

Louise was awarded the consolation prize – never mind Louise, golf obviously just isn’t your game!

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