How it all began in 1963

Celebrating 50 years in business

In 2013 Packaging Automation celebratet its 50th anniversary. The first company logo was drawn by Arthur Penn the company’s founder in 1963. It is a simple yet effective design that represents and links the letters p and a.

Arthur designed and made his first packaging machine for Boxmakers (Manchester) Ltd who were innovators in thermoplastic trays for packing food. PA and Boxmakers planned to sell the concept of frozen single serve meals to restaurants and outside catering businesses by supplying the trays, film and a packaging machine. This would allow caterers to pre-prepare and serve large volumes of meals which were quickly heated in a microwave oven. They believed these businesses could take advantage of the convenience and cost effectiveness of portion controlled, high volume, quick to heat and serve meals.

The rest as they say is history……