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Enhancing Food Packaging Seals with PA’s Revolution Tray Sealers

Maintaining proper seals in food packaging is critical to prevent consumer complaints and product rejection.

With PA’s Revolution range of tray sealers you can monitor and verify seals during the production run to help you address these challenges.

Balancing Strength and Accessibility

· The seal needs to be strong enough to hold the contents securely.

· It should also allow for easy access, which is crucial for consumers.

Measurement and Tracking

· Achieving the right balance requires careful measurement and tracking.

Non-Destructive Testing

· Seal verification is typically performed using non-destructive testing methods.

· This ensures that the seal's integrity is assessed without damaging the product or packaging.

Causes of Below Ideal Seal Force

· Mechanical issues such as seal spring failure.

· Temperature drop at the seal face.

Revolution Range of Tray Sealers

· Features a servo-driven seal station that can instantly highlight a drop in seal force.

· Temperature monitoring on each tool cartridge to detect changes outside required parameters.

Traceability and Record-Keeping

· Recording seal force and temperature parameters ensures full traceability.

· In the event of seal failures, having this data is crucial for analysis and improvement.

Historic Data and Trend Analysis

· Historic data, presented in the form of a trend graph, allows for a comprehensive analysis of seal performance over time.

· Trend graphs can reveal patterns or abnormalities that may need attention.

Warning Systems

· The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) screen provides real-time alerts.

· If there's a deviation from optimal seal conditions, a warning prompts machine operators to pause the process.

Corrective Action

· Pausing the machine allows for prompt corrective action.

· This proactive approach helps prevent defective seals from progressing further in the manufacturing process.

By incorporating these features into the manufacturing process, you're not only addressing current seal quality but also proactively managing and improving it over time. This approach aligns with industry best practices, ensuring both product quality and consumer satisfaction.

To find out more about the Revolution range of tray sealers, click here


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