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Machine Round Up – May 2022

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

With lots of bank holidays in May, the Project Team were challenged to ensure orders were delivered on time and they didn’t disappoint. Here’s a small selection of some of the machines and tools that were dispatched during May 2022.

Eclipse SL4 was shipped to Europe to pack Soft Fruit

2 further Eclipse SL4 fully automatic tray sealers went to another customer in Europe also to pack soft fruit.

These 2 Revolution high speed fully automatic tray sealers were also destined for Europe but this time to pack mushrooms #mushroomtraysealer and soft fruit.#softfruittraysealer

But it wasn’t all about Europe in May we also had machines dispatched nationally including this Eclipse 182 semi-automatic two station rotary table tray sealer which as delivered to Cornwall to pack chocolate. #chocolatetraysealer #confectionarytraysealer

To discover the full range of machines on offer please visit: or contact the sales team on 01565 756555 or


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