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Making obsolescence obsolete

We’re passionate about putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and this commitment extends across all teams at Packaging Automation.

Our range of tray sealing machines and pot fillers has been proudly designed and engineered to provide our customers with a reliable and cost effective solution, incorporating the very latest technology so that you can be safe in the knowledge that you are future proofing your investment. Through collaborative projects with suppliers of critical components, our design and systems engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries to improve the efficiency, reliability, user friendliness and cost effectiveness of your machinery.

The Packaging Automation Service and Spares team pro-actively work with our customers to help prevent unplanned stoppages and costly downtime and carry a stock of spare component parts to ensure they are ready and available for customers as needed.

James Bridge, Service Manager commented: With retro fitting an option on the majority of our machines it’s really only the much older machines where component parts may become obsolete, but we proactively contacts customers with these older machines to find a solution for them before it becomes a problem.”


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