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Meet Josina Valentim, Finance Manager

New to #TeamPA and already shaking up the system and implementing new ideas, we took some time to interview Josina Valentim, Finance Manager and find out more about her, here’s what she told us…

Josina was born in Angola, the daughter of an Angolan politician, but moved to Portugal at the age of 6 when her mother was widowed in the Angolan Civil War.

She grew up in Portugal and completed her degree there but returned to Angola at the age of 27, keen to explore her heritage further.

In Angola she worked in the oil and gas industry in finance teams gaining experience in global companies. In 2016 she returned to Portugal when her mother became unwell, and she remained there until 2017 but found it difficult to settle and headed to the UK.

With a degree in accounting, experience of working in large global multinational organisations and fluent in several languages she was quickly snapped up in the UK but keen to further her career and build on her knowledge she often sought out new opportunities.

Fast forward to 2021 when she joined #TeamPA, a small company with a big ambition, she knew she could make a difference and help us achieve the long term sustainable growth we sought. Interviewed by Sam Ashton, who herself has a background in finance, Josina knew she had found her niche.

Fun and vivacious, always with a smile on her face, she’s most certainly a people person but she loves processes and problem solving too and it’s fair to say she is already making a difference, bringing our teams together to think differently about finance and integrate finance into the core of the business.

We have no doubt that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Josina soon and will keep you updated with her progress.

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