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Meet our MiWeigh Expert – Scott Roebuck

Scott Roebuck joined #TeamPA in 2014 as a Technical Sales Engineer in our Sales Team. A familiar and friendly face to many customers, Scott’s knowledge of the MiWeigh intelligent weighing system is second to none but he freely admits that the application can be applied to a multitude of products some of which he had never previously considered, as he recently found out at the PPMA Show 2021.

Q: What is the MiWeigh?

A: MiWeigh is an intelligent production performance management tool for food manufacturing which combines either high accuracy positive and negative weigh scales or a mixture to production lines where automation is difficult for food products.

The software has been designed to make it simple for operators to use. It has a visual traffic light system to achieve target weights based on pre-set tolerances rather than looking for a fixed weight. This software calculates live stats and end of batch reports, which for me is the most crucial information from a production line, providing performance, efficiency and giveaway.

Q: What kind of companies can benefit from the system?

A: Any customer can really benefit from the MiWeigh system. We have customers from meat/fish/ seafood, convenience, ready meals to soft fruit and they all see benefits for their respective sectors for different reasons.

A big selling point is the speed or settling time on the scales which is extremely quick with reaction and settling time maintaining accuracy at 100 m/s which delivers optimal performance.

Where we have seen large growth for sure is in soft fruit and protein sectors.

The soft fruit companies like the simple operator visual, scale settling time and immediate set up with the master/slave format the system is based on, providing change over times as little as 1 minute. It also drives the operator to deliver maximum performance, as the scale is constantly ready for the next weight and the system is continually monitoring this delivery from the operator and reporting back.

Q: What benefits can customers obtain with your solution and how the data you provide can impact their production?

A: Whatever the customer is looking for generally we offer a significant benefit and cost saving. With our load cell settling time and accuracy we can usually deliver double the speed and we are 3 times more accurate at speed than a conventional manual weighing system. This offers an instant saving in change over times and cost.

Additionally, the reports are detailed and drill down to key areas but again most importantly gives you a true instant live cost for the final product produced. At the end of the shift, you know exactly what the cost of your run was and where you need to improve.

For you free MiWeigh demo or simply to discuss your requirements, contact Scott on 07801030450 or email:


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