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Run the Month – Marathon Edition in support of Prostate Cancer UK

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

We’re very proud to tell you that our very own Stu Bateson, Service Engineer at Packaging Automation signed up to Run the Month for Prostate Cancer UK in January 2021!

As someone who suffers with knee trouble from years of riding motocross - that’s no mean feat!

Hoping to shed a few pounds along the way, Stu set off to run a marathon, 26.2 miles, during the course of the month.

Thinking he could easily achieve this he hadn’t reckoned on a back injury on day 1! So, 2 weeks later and after a visit to the chiropractor he started again.

Finally, and thankfully, he caught back up and is now running further than ever before.

With an initial target to raise £100, this was quickly achieved and increased to £250 but when he got to £160 things started to slow down. So foolishly, Stu said that if he could get to £500, he would do the last couple of miles running through his hometown, Leigh, on Saturday 30 January dressed as a Nun!

You’ve guessed it, he’s now hit £520 with 1.9 miles remaining.

Watch this space for the nun on the run this weekend!

If you would like to support his great achievement for a worthwhile cause, please donate what you can here:

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