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Sam Ashton - 23 years' service

As the granddaughter of Arthur Penn who founded Packaging Automation in 1963, Sam joined Packaging Automation in 1998 before joining the Board of Directors in 2012. Sam is our Commercial Director.

We were keen to hear Sam’s perspective and started by asking her to tell us a little bit about her time at PA.

As a family business it feels like I have always been part of #TeamPA. I officially joined PA in 1998 then joined the Board of Directors in 2012 and now I am Commercial Director with responsibility for Sales and Marketing, Finance and HR.

I am sure I won’t be the first or indeed the last to say this but #TeamPA really are such a great bunch of people to work with and anyone who deals with PA in any capacity will already know that. From the basic daily interactions to the more challenging situations, the team are all so supportive of each other and they are good at raising funds for charity too, it is a great team effort, they make me so proud.

What was the most difficult thing when you joined PA?

As a specialist business there is a lot of sector specific terminology and jargon used, that took some getting used to but thankfully there were plenty of people on hand to support and guide me. I found the more I got involved the more I learnt and the one thing I would say about PA is that you never feel afraid to ask a question, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

What’s the biggest change you have seen over the years at PA?

I think the biggest change must be the ambition of the business. We have become a much more ambitious and proactive business with a strong growth mindset and a very clear goal and vision. We like to challenge ourselves and the business and this means we are always growing and learning and I really feel that we are leading the way in our products and will continue to do so for a long time.

Thank you Sam for your kind words, we are sure that #TeamPA will appreciate them.


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