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Simon Wilson - 23 years' service

Simon Wilson is Seal Technologist at Packaging Automation working in our Trial Facility where he supports customers giving them the opportunity to carry out tests using their proposed packaging materials with their product to verify the results prior to investment in machinery.

Simon joined #TeamPA in 1998 and we wanted to find out what it’s been like working at PA for the last 23 years.

We started by asking Simon to tell us a little bit about his career at PA to date.

I was introduced to Packaging Automation in 1998 by my brother Deon who also still works at PA. I started working in the cutting room & stores but really found my niche when I started working in the Test Kitchen where I continue to work to this day.

And, what’s the best thing about working at PA?

It’s great to be part of a growing company and we are always developing new machines, it’s exciting to be a part of that.

At PA you are given the opportunity to change roles within the company, to try new things and that’s great for personal development.

Who if anyone do you look up to / have learnt the most from / find the most helpful at PA?

I don’t want to single out one person as I have learnt so much from every department and people at all levels of the company and to be honest, despite being here for over 20 years I am still learning, and I like that!

What’s the biggest change you have seen over the years at PA?

The biggest change for me personally was moving to the new test kitchen in our second factory which was opened 2 years ago. It was, and continues to be, such an innovative and exciting part of the business. I get to meet new customers and learn about new businesses whilst helping them find the best packaging solution for their product.

When I left school, I could never have imagined what I would be doing now and I’m forever grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity and supporting me for so many years.

Lesley Wakefield commented: “ Simon is such an asset to the team, his breadth of knowledge, wealth of contacts and willingness to help both customer and #TeamPA is unrivalled which certainly gives our customers confidence. I know Simon keeps himself up to date with all the latest developments and he’s always keen to share his expertise going over and above to help customers at every stage of their heat sealing journey. Thank you Simon for all that you do from me and all the team.”


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