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Syncronising the moving parts in the evolutionS

With the introduction of SyncroWave technology, the speed of the stepping belt of the tray sealing machine can be reduced whilst increasing the overall output of a line.

All tray sealers operate intermittently to ensure controlled movement of packs into the seal area and this causes delays in the whole line and upstream processes.

Traditional tray sealers hold the line of waiting packs while the transfer arms collect the stepped packs. Only when this batch of packs have begun their journey into the sealing position, are the waiting packs allowed to continue onto the stepping belt.

This small delay may only take seconds but collectively with other limitations, it can add up to a significant amount of time. To combat this, we have developed a patented design called SyncroWave.

With SyncroWave we’re able to synchronise all elements of the moving phases. We’re able to load and unload a complete cycle of packs without affecting the overall output of the machine and ensure continuous controlled movement throughout the line.

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