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The latest advances in robotic technology - the evolutionS

The evolutionS - the world’s most efficient tray sealer - does the thinking for you.

It is always set to the optimum output possible.

This high speed tray sealer intuitively adapts the rate of operation to suit the rate that the product is being fed, reducing bottlenecks, simplifying the operation and maximising the machine output.

Incorporating clear operating visual signals and prompts, it uses intelligent lighting for operator awareness.

Built in SyncroMotion technology is the latest advance in robotic technology and for this type of application a first in the world. Historically pack movement has required some sort of deceleration or stoppage to position the packs because at high speeds the pack positioning, accuracy and ultimately reliability is compromised.

With SyncroMotion the packs are accelerated and controlled all the way through the movement profile to achieve a highly accurate and reliable journey.

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