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Tray sealing three times faster with optimum accuracy

For maximum output and efficiencies, the R&D team at Packaging Automation knew they had to address the time lost during tool changeovers on tray sealers. Tool changeovers are necessary to accommodate seasonal variations in product lines and differing tray and pack sizes.

Tray sealers all currently use transfer arms or fingers to transport packs into and out of the seal area and on bigger bed machines the arms can be up to three metres in length making them heavy, cumbersome and difficult to store. And for those who have to change tools regularly for a variety of formats, it can be a laborious task, not to mention the downtime incurred.

That’s how the ingenious team at Packaging Automation came up with the idea for SyncroDrive technology which was developed and incorporated into the superfast tray sealer, the evolutionS.

With SyncroDrive all tray pack formats can be transferred into the seal area without the need for fingers or arms, no need to adjust the settings to accommodate different depth packs, and the speed of transfer is only limited by the movement of the product in the tray. SyncroDrive can transport the packs three times faster whilst maintaining optimum accuracy.

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