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Working with customers and suppliers to reduce plastic packaging

In our continued quest to embrace technology and set the standards for tray sealing worldwide we like to keep up to date with all the latest packaging developments and actively seek out the most innovative and technologically advanced packaging options for our customers.

Simon Wilson, Packaging Seal Technologist in the Packaging Automation Test Kitchen commented: “We have an extensive database of packaging suppliers and me and the team pride ourselves on our packaging expertise, so we’re always interested to hear about the latest packaging options and RockFruit was no exception.”

As we move towards a more circular economy it’s incumbent on us all, individuals, households and businesses to do what we can to be more environmentally friendly and that includes reducing plastic packaging, so we were thrilled to learn about the Sappi Rockwell Solutions latest product RockFruit.This lightweight, recyclable heat seal lidding film is designed specifically for the fresh produce market and provides a strong, peelable seal for a wide variety of substrates including rPET, aPET, PVC and aPET lined paperboard.

The film can be produced with 30% and 60% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content variants to help customers in the soft fruit market reduce their environmental impact and bring them in line with the UK plastic packaging levy scheduled for April 2022.

This extremely thin (15mu) high performance lidding film offers around a 25% saving on plastic usage alone against the typical 20mu to 25mu films being used in the UK currently.

So, we put the product to the test to see just how well it would perform in trials in the Test Kitchen and we were not disappointed! We’re pleased to say the film runs well on our machines including the brand new evolutionS.

To find out more and run some trials with your product please contact: Simon Wilson.


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