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Another father and son team!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

In this, our fourth article in our It’s a Family Affair ‘ series, we spoke to Stu Bateson and his son Liam who both work at Packaging Automation.

Stu is a Field Service Engineer who joined PA in 1999 and Liam joined in 2017 as Mechanical Fitter Apprentice.

With generational differences and the potential to clash, we asked Stu and Liam what it’s really like working together. Is it a great experience that gives you the chance to spend quality time together or is the opposite true… let’s find out!

Who joined PA first? How did you both come to work at PA?

Stu answered: “I was already working at PA and introduced Liam. #TeamPA had just started their Annual Apprentice Recruitment and Liam had just completed 2 years studying engineering at college and was keen to continue in this field.”

What is it like working with family?

Liam responded: “When I started as an Apprentice I was working in the factory initially and dad was field based. Since I completed my Apprenticeship and started work as a Trainee Service Engineer we have been working together.”

Stu said: “at work is the only time he ever does as he is told so it’s all good for me but joking aside, I think we have a great understanding of each other and work well together.”

Has it been helpful working together during the global pandemic?

The pair agreed that working together has been really convenient during the pandemic with covid security / bubbles and essentially being able to keep each other safe.

We hope you enjoyed reading It's a famil affair series of stories.

Coming soon, we introduce you to some of our long serving staff and discover the key changes that have taken place at Packaging Automation over the last few decades.


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